Ok, so I'm watching Objectified after two weeks when I watched Helvetica - an amazing documentary that will change the way you read the world.

In Objectified Bill Moggridge, starts with an story about the Grid Compass Computer, "arguably the first laptop" and how he designed the enclosure, how clever the team were to include a little trick, anything of that didn't matter when he decided to sit in front of that piece of art and start using it, the next transcript will explain it better.

When I got the first prototype, I took the machine home, really thrilled about ... And it was with great pride that I opened up the display and thought how clever I was to have designed all this stuff ... And then, I started to actually try and use it. And within a few moments, I found myself forgetting all about my physical design and realizing that everything I was really interested in, was happening in my relationship between what was happening behind the screen ... That made me realize that if I was going to truly design the whole experience, I would really have to learn how to design this software stuff. That made me search for a name for it, which we ended up calling Interaction Design.