The Dreyfus Model is a helpful way of looking at how people acquire and grow their skill sets

It doesn’t matter if you are a developer, an architect, a pm, what really matters is how far you want to go, and to accomplish that you must pass some levels until you’re seeing as a guru until that moment I think we’re nothing more than apprentices to magicians.

Here’s the Dreyfus Model described, but I’ll advise you to read the complete article here

  • Novice - Rules-based, just wants to accomplish the inmediate goal
  • Advance Beginner - Needs small, frequent rewards; big picture is confusing
  • Competent - Can develop conceptual models, can troubleshoot
  • Proficient - Driven to seek larger conceptual model, can self-correct
  • Expert - Intuition-based, always seeking better methods

Most people, in most skills, never get beyond Advance Beginner

I thing that most people has the potential to become an expert, but it’s not only the potential, it’s the passion and work persistence what will take you there ;)